Continuing A Legacy of Excellence

The Greenwood CRE name is a salute to the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was called the “Black Wall Street” of the early 20th Century, an inspiring symbol of the economic potential of community collaboration and empowerment.


Founded in 1905, by O.W. Gurley - Greenwood, OK, located  outside of Tulsa, was where African Americans moved to achieve the American Dream. Thousands came to Greenwood to realize their full potential by joining a community that allowed them to fully participate as entrepreneurs including real estate owners, business owners and professionals. By 1921, Greenwood had become known as a beacon of wealth, education and advancement - rivaling areas of New York, Chicago and Atlanta. Black doctors, attorneys and realtors flourished, luxury hotels were built and millionaires were minted. Greenwood was seen as a place of possibility and excellence that was born out of necessity. 



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